Have you ever been transformed into a witch character? Coming to The Witch Rebirth Codes, you will experience the whole thing for free. In this role-playing game, you will be immersed in a fantasy world, making survival choices to decide whether to save or destroy everything. Below are all the gift codes we have compiled so far. You hope to help you get support items in the first stages of this game.

The Witch Rebirth

List of The Witch Rebirth Codes

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- Gold x800K, Bound Diamonds x100, EXP x5000, Scroll x20

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- Bound Diamond x500, Advanced Pet Food x8, Gold x500K, Sash of Courage x100

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- Summoning Crystal x10, Bound Diamond x2000

How to Redeem Code?

Step 1: Open the game The Witch Rebirth; at the main screen, look to the corner and click on Benefits, and select Gift Code.

Step 2: A text box appears in front of you; now, you need to enter the code we provide and click Submit to receive the reward immediately.

The Witch Rebirth Tips

The game has many character classes, each with its unique strengths. But in the end, everything is balanced, so whichever character you choose will become strong later on. With hundreds of amazing and delicately honed costumes, each time you wear it, it will help you increase a series of stats many times higher, and it also has a lot of new effects to help you. Become more powerful.

The Witch Rebirth Codes

Many levels of compelling SSS characters; you need to hang up a bit to get a lot of EXP. Fight continuously, and overpower the crazy Bosses that destroy everything. However, it will be a little tricky, but it’s okay; the results will be massive if you can handle them.

  • Archer: The great ranger who takes advantage of the distant attacks. His great attack distance makes him a great kiter.
  • Knight: The tank and shield of the team. His attribute buff makes him an excellent damage absorber.
  • Pugilist: A powerful fighter who harnesses excellent grapple skills. Her extraordinary melee combat makes her a peerless warrior.

In addition, you will also meet companions, collect many new gifts, become the most powerful heroes, compete with people from everywhere, and build a majestic monument that is hard to break in the world. The Witch Rebirth world. The system of state wars, inter-regions, and fierce tournaments will be where you show yourself. Along with the gift packages that CodesLL supports, you will get stronger as quickly as possible.

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