A game that is making new waves in the role-playing genre. No other version is Every Hero. Its update brings bewilderment to gamers. Because no other game has ever been so attractive in the first experience. To verify that, it’s a pity that you don’t press the install button right away.

Every Hero

List of Codes

Code is hidden! Get

- Get a free awesome set of gear for everyone with a limited quantity

Code is hidden! Get

- With this code you will be able to unlock all Heroes instantly

  1. IU1QX (Valid until September 7, 2024)
  2. MA7PXD (Valid until July 28, 2024)
  3. T2OIWR (Valid until August 15, 2024)
  4. 1TKPHN (Valid until September 9, 2024)
  5. 3SAY0O7 (Valid until July 25, 2024)
  6. F0W26V (Valid until July 21, 2024)
  7. 8FODEV (Valid until July 14, 2024)
  8. 2WT6VLD8 (Valid until July 25, 2024)
  9. TPYXHAVQB (Expiration date June 13, 2024)
  10. A6GX3CUE (Expiration date July 8, 2024)
  11. 36KARUID (Expiration date May 14, 2024)
  12. 7VFLEOG (Expiration date July 9, 2024)
  13. I2BPQT (Expiration date June 26, 2024)

How to redeem code

Step 1: Log in to the Every Hero game now and click on the avatar in the left corner of the screen.

Step 2: Select “Settings” and go to the ‘Redeem Code’ section.

Step 3: Enter our free code and press “Confirm”.

Every Hero Codes


All investments are uncanny. The articles promoting the content of the game are super attractive. Quite a few gamers wanted to experience role-playing games. With somewhat different and unique gameplay than similar genres. That’s why most of them are looking for a blockbuster like this.

Write a new page of history with a brave hero. Bring justice to every corner of the map to prove that justice always exists. The story of a hero who has experienced many ups and downs. As well as the deadly trials that make their lives shorter and shorter. But thanks to strength and hope from righteous wars. Helped them stand up against the stormy attacks of evil.

GiftCode Every Hero

Holding the sword and weapon firmly symbolizes peace. Swing a powerful slash at the dark bosses. The monsters of great size will gradually fall before the hero’s strength. Unlock exclusive skills as well as new warriors. Bring them into your world and go together. Wish users will have a fun and wonderful experience.

Every Hero – Smash Action Codes FAQ

1. Can I customize my hero’s abilities in Every Hero – Smash Action?

Answer: Yes, in Every Hero – Smash Action, you have the ability to customize your hero’s abilities by acquiring specific codes that unlock new skills and powers. These codes can be found by completing various in-game challenges or events.

2. Are there exclusive codes that provide rare items or special rewards in Every Hero – Smash Action?

Answer: Absolutely! Exclusive codes in Every Hero – Smash Action offer players access to rare items, special rewards, and even unique cosmetic enhancements for their heroes. Keep an eye out for limited-time code giveaways and events to unlock these valuable bonuses.

3. How often are new codes released for Every Hero – Smash Action?

Answer: New codes for Every Hero – Smash Action are regularly released by the game developers as part of updates, seasonal events, or promotions. Players can stay informed about the latest codes by following the game’s official social media channels, participating in community forums, or keeping an eye on in-game announcements.