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You are looking for a quality game code-sharing site. Accompanying that are the regular and free updates. To help you get off to a better start than other gamers, this is essential. Have you ever heard of the name CodesLL? If you don’t know yet, come to us and find out what we have to offer.

What is CodesLL?

CodesLL is a website specializing in sharing gifts from authorized places 100% free and safe. Just hearing the name, you understand briefly that it is related to the gift code, right? We saw the potential and needs of people like you and decided to create this website on September 3, 2022. And from here, our mission is to bring core values ​​​​to users.

The benefits we bring

To create a trusted brand specializing in providing gift codes, coupons, and discounts on e-commerce platforms, or applications for watching movies, learning, account types, keys, and tokens completely. for free, specifically:

  • Enter the online game code to receive the rewards from the publisher.
  • Game accounts are shared through users who have forgotten or no longer use them, we will give them to you for free to continue your journey in that game.
  • Course, app, or movie accounts are shared in limited numbers, as these are hard-to-find resources, but we’ll try.
  • Discount codes or coupons from e-commerce and shopping platforms to help reduce bills and save costs.
  • Keys or Tokens from software, applications that help upgrade to Premium, Pro versions, or larger benefits than usual are completely free.
  • Some share from other fields, we will try to expand the scale to bring more benefits to everyone.

Game cheat codes also apply

First, you have to understand what is a cheat code? This is a form of hidden code placed in offline or online games by the developers themselves. The purpose they leave is to test and test their game every time it encounters a bug more quickly. Sometimes, it is also a reward for those lucky enough to find it.

And of course, with CodesLL here, we help more and more lucky people to have the fastest games. We provide cheat codes that unlock the whole game and everything like money, resources, etc. or you can shop for free without losing a dime. However, we advise you not to overdo it, it will make the game lose its inherent excitement and emotion.


Your satisfaction is the foundation for CodesLL to grow and bring more latest codes. By sharing and spreading us to everyone. Along with that, follow our popular social networks to receive articles sooner, which is to your advantage because the number of codes is not always unlimited. Finally, we would like to sincerely thank the users who have followed us from the early days of the establishment until now and into the future.

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