Super Mario Run sets the same goal for the hero. He still moves forward to save a beautiful princess from the hands of the evil one. As with all similar toys, this will not be easy to do. With the same goal of receiving many gift codes, we will share them with everyone today.

Super Mario Run

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Super Mario Run Tips

You have to pass 24 levels in 6-game worlds. You will be able to perform three different types of tasks on each of them. For example, collect colored coins and compete with your friends to see which of you will score the required number of points faster. Run, jump, perform various tricks – do whatever you see fit to achieve your noble goal – save the princess.

Super Mario Run Tips

Along the way, you will meet hills and plains, abandoned buildings with ghosts, flying ships, and incredible castles. You must overcome all this by touching the screen at the right time. By default, your character will run forward without your intervention.

All modes can be played, including Kingdom Builder, World Tour, and Toad Rally. Super Mario Run is a quality action game with addictive gameplay that will appeal to both children and adults. The game is optimized for Android devices with large screen sizes, which means it can be played on tablets.

Super Mario Run Codes FAQ

How can I unlock all levels in Super Mario Run?

Answer: To unlock all levels in Super Mario Run, you need to complete all levels in each world. As you progress through the game, more levels will unlock, allowing you to access new challenges and environments.

Are there any secret characters in Super Mario Run?

Answer: Yes, there are secret characters in Super Mario Run that can be unlocked by meeting certain criteria or completing specific challenges. For example, Yoshi can be unlocked by completing all the special coin challenges in the game.

What are the benefits of collecting all colored coins in Super Mario Run?

Answer: Collecting all colored coins in Super Mario Run not only adds an extra layer of challenge to the game but also unlocks new items and decorations for your Mushroom Kingdom. It also allows you to access bonus levels that provide additional gameplay opportunities.