It’s not just the usual tug-of-war as you know it. Swordash brings an entirely new look to Vietnamese gamers. Here you will be immersed in a fantasy of intense mind battles. Players will have to get used to this frenetic atmosphere shortly. It inspires English users to stick with the application for a long time. The sword is the pure English name that Swordash translates.


Latest of Swordash Codes

Code is hidden! Get

- Diamond x599, Gold x800K, Summoning Scroll x10

Code is hidden! Get

- Gold x995K, Summoning Scroll x25

How to Redeem Code

Step 1: Open the game, click Settings => Redeem code.

Step 2: Enter the code in the text box and press Confirm.

Step 3: The reward will be sent to the mailbox, gift package.

Swordash Codes

Swordash Wiki

True to its title, wrote the game related to standard equipment on the battlefield. Our main character is a female warrior in her prime. She is humanity’s last ray of hope after disaster strikes unexpectedly. Suddenly one day, when the sky was full of stars, a strange phenomenon appeared. People think it is a good omen for future change. But did not expect them to be a potential danger in the future.

That strange phenomenon caused mutant beasts to appear. They swept humanity’s life in an instant from which man had despaired. But then, when the girl’s Swordash  Sanny appeared, everything changed. This is the last seed that humanity hopes to eliminate the disaster. They all have high expectations for a small person with an indescribable potential. Players must use emotional manipulation to control female soldiers. You have to use flexible moves by clicking directly on the icon box. Along with that is a clever combination of activities to create a safe distance from the opponent.

Swordash Gift Codes

Gamers must pay attention to the use of items to increase the capacity of Sanny. Her strength is also based mainly on high-level equipment. The primary weapon will be a sword with various colors, attributes,… However, they all have the characteristic that they can be enhanced anytime. Players can choose to go to the Hero section to be able to arrange personal equipment to their liking. Collect more gold coins along with keeping the battery level stable. Users must scan the map to complete the assigned Missions of the day. On schedule will be rewarded immediately; your resources are also from here one or more. What makes you think time will flow slower here? No time to find the answer; let’s fight now.

Swordash Codes FAQ

How do I unlock new characters in Swordash codes?

Answer: To unlock new characters in Swordash codes, you will need to progress through the game’s levels and complete specific challenges. Each character may have different unlock requirements, so be sure to check the in-game instructions for details.

What are the best strategies for defeating bosses in Swordash codes?

Answer: One effective strategy for defeating bosses in Swordash codes is to study their attack patterns and find the best moments to strike. Additionally, upgrading your character’s abilities and equipment can give you an edge in boss battles. Collaborating with other players in multiplayer mode can also help you take down tough bosses more easily.

Can I trade items with other players in Swordash codes?

Answer: Yes, you can trade items with other players in Swordash codes using the in-game trading system. This feature allows you to exchange items, equipment, and resources with other players to help each other progress in the game. Just make sure to follow the game’s guidelines for fair and secure trading.