UpdateNovember 28, 2023
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You want to join a playground full of the best-skilled players. Want to challenge new things in a role-playing genre with fantasy content. So perhaps during the last time, you have had a hard time searching. Before you did not know The Sword, you were dull, right?

The Sword

List of Gift Codes

Code is hidden! Get

- A set of god-level equipment for your game experience

Code is hidden! Get

- 5,000 Blue Diamonds and 14,000 Gems, 1,000,000 Coins will be the reward of this code

How to redeem code

Step 1: Log in to The Sword game and find the avatar in the left corner of the screen.

Step 2: Select ‘Settings’ and go to ‘Redeem Code’.

Step 3: Enter the code above and click “Confirm” to get the corresponding reward immediately.

The Sword Codes

About the Game

Rediscover the excitement that you have lost for so long. With simple role-playing screens without fuss. Combined with that is the new content that is continuously updated every time there is a new day. Users will never feel bored while experiencing this exciting fighting role-playing game.

Stir up the atmosphere of the caveman war. With beautiful and skillful combat. I am sure that players will be able to reveal all their hidden emotions when participating in the game. Because role-playing genres often help users be themselves. Do whatever you like in this lawless world.

GiftCode The Sword

Welcome to The Sword – the steps to becoming a mythical warrior. Create your own story with brilliant achievements. Defeat the leading demons to climb to the top of the users with overwhelming skills. With your talent, these will probably be simple goals.

The Sword Codes FAQ

1. How can I obtain rare swords in The Sword?

The primary way to obtain rare swords in The Sword is by participating in boss battles and defeating powerful enemies. These battles have a chance of dropping exclusive and powerful swords. Additionally, you can occasionally find rare swords hidden in secret locations or by completing challenging quests.

2. What attributes should I consider before choosing a sword in The Sword?

When selecting a sword in The Sword, it's important to consider various attributes. One crucial factor is the Sword's damage output, which determines how much harm it can inflict on enemies. Another vital attribute is the sword's speed, as faster swords allow for quicker attacks. Furthermore, some swords have special abilities such as elemental damage, life steal, or increased critical hit chance, which can greatly impact your gameplay style and strategy.

3. How can I upgrade my sword in The Sword?

To upgrade your sword in The Sword, you need to visit the Blacksmith NPC in the game. The Blacksmith offers services to enhance your weapons using various resources. You can use in-game currency to increase your sword's damage output or invest materials like ores, gems, or rare elements to boost its attributes. Keep in mind that higher-level upgrades may require rarer resources, so be prepared to gather them through exploration, trading, or completing specific tasks.