After a long absence from the entertainment market, Tale of Elements: Idle RPG has revived. The true meaning of the concept of revival is that it has reached a new position. I stood at the top of the classic games trying to attract the most users. Therefore, the game is extremely popular with young people. Even old gamers are flocking to experience this atmosphere. The excitement and enthusiasm are still there to help the arena become more burning.

Tale of Elements Idle RPG

List of Tale of Elements Codes

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- Origin of Dreams x9, Prism x600, Wooden Tome x8, Random Rune x2

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- Prism x2000, Gold Enhancement Stone x15, Elemental Tear x9

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    - Advanced Custom Signet x2, Mysterious Egg x4

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    - Elemental Tear x6, Wooden Tome x7, Exquisite Reference Letter x3

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    - Gold Enhancement Stone x7, Fire Skill Ember x399

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    How to Redeem Code

    Step 1: Open the Tale of Elements Idle RPG game, click the Profile icon => Settings => Gift Code.

    Step 2: Enter the code in the blank box and press Check. Then return to the main screen to receive rewards via mailbox.

    Tale of Elements Codes

    Tale of Elements Wiki

    Heroes have gradually been revealed thanks to the names; prove yourself the strongest here. Only proud warriors. Are you ready for the journey to hunt eggs and become the representative of the tribe? In the ancient world, people did not have access to high technology. They still earn their living by labor and rudimentary weapons. However, thanks to the physical and environmental conditions to survive. But people gradually adapt and reveal their natural strengths. They harnessed the spirituality in people and transformed energy into power. That is the weapon that egg hunters have at the moment.

    Tale of Elements Gift Codes

    Tale of Elements: Idle RPG has somewhat idle gameplay. Users only need to recruit supernovas from different tribes, placing them in a favorable position in the squad. Harness the power of it all with a mind-blowing sensory strategy. Players will become the most talented leaders in ancient times. Each warrior has a representation of their elemental power. Features will be four forms: water, fire, earth, and wind;… These are all-natural attributes familiar to many gamers.

    In addition, players can also experience copy operations on many different maps. Each position will be similar to another task. Monsters will gradually appear in the final stages; you must be active in fighting and take the initiative. Defeat the Boss to get your hands on the precious treasure chest. We will be waiting for you ahead with our good congratulations to the overall winner of this race.