Lost Bone is a game inspired by the character Brook in One Piece. When talking about this character, we first learn that he is a member of the straw hat pirates. It can be considered that the appearance of the character Brook has helped the plot of the comic series become more prominent. What’s more interesting is that the presence of the Duong guy seems to be a missing piece to the story’s appeal. Because it is based on a famous character in a Japanese comic series, players can feel the atmosphere of this country. It contributed to the list of hands-free idle games worth playing this summer. You can immediately imagine the charm that Lost Bone brings. Players can try to experience the latest features that the game has listed.

Lost Bone

New valid codes for Lost Bone

Code is hidden! Get

- Gems x227, Coins x888K, Legendary Equipment x2

Code is hidden! Get

- Gems x444

How to redeem code in Lost Bone

Step 1: Access the game. Click Menu in the upper right corner => Options => Redeem gifts.

Step 2: Enter the gift code and click redeem the reward.

Lost Bone Tips

As an intelligent user, you should know which entertainment applications you should keep. You cannot randomly choose some applications to burden your mobile device. Our suggestion will be the best solution for players to refer to. Coming to this open playground, you will have sublime moments with your management skills because it was initially a game in the Hong Kong publisher Touda category. A publisher that is no stranger to Vietnamese beginners. As a stylish player, you suit the creator’s aesthetic well. The character design images are elegant in the welcome interface.

Until later, the main characters are those that users can recruit for their team. You must collect warriors to bring to the central team, thanks to their help in quickly climbing rank. You cannot constantly strengthen your position if you want a stable ranking position. The strength of the entire team directly affects your performance. Lost Bone creates extremely versatile duels or PVP. Players can enjoy these modes by selecting the mode type.

Each mode has its own and general requirements. It can be easily said that you must follow the rules before entering the ring. The first rule is that the team must have the presence of all members competing in a turn format. Each side can throw a wild card to fight, winning by bringing the number of opposing teams back to the starting point. Whoever wins the victory will have the remaining rewards added directly to their backpack.