It’s not hard to become a pro gamer at Heroes Way. You already have good facilities, then think about gaining more experience. Because it will be the most beneficial weapon to help you always have a continuous winning streak. Your journey has only just begun. Experiencing duplicates and looking at thorns will help you have a tougher day against obstacles.

Heroes Way

Codes List

Code is hidden! Get

- Unlock some heroes after using this code, it will be a free gift

Code is hidden! Get

- You will get a fair amount of gold, which can be used to buy everything in the game

    What is Heroes Way?

    The adventure is free and there is no pressure coming from the system. Each player’s move is equivalent to uncovering an unsolved mystery. Come to the story of legendary heroes in the flow of history. Play as characters with important elements that change the flow of time. Turn this place into a playground that you can come to anytime.

    Summon Super Soldier

    With a good manual play potential as the user. The flexible way of applying gray matter will be a big plus in your gameplay. Master the wits by summoning super-soldiers. If you feel that facing a big challenge is too difficult. Please click on the enchantment support panel of the nomination system. It will be the key to the best situation.

    Resource usage

    Enter the game by getting the rookie reward. Use resources for what is just and reasonable. If you spend too much money, then when it’s important, you lose the opportunity to sublimate. So keep your treasures well and use them at the right times. Colorful graphic scenery is a factor that attracts players.