UpdateSeptember 26, 2023
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Full set of idle play elements to rich features. Probably only in the Dungeon and Slayer: Idle RPG version. A game with no small investment and immense enthusiasm of the creators. Will give users elegant pleasures in their spare time. Users will have the best time experience.

Dungeon and Slayer

List of Codes

Code is hidden! Get

- Instantly have full 55000 gems and 1,000,000 gold

Code is hidden! Get

- Get a random hero and 300,000 experience for you to level up

How to redeem code

Step 1: Log in to Dungeon and Slayer: Idle RPG game and click on your avatar to go to the Menu.

Step 2: Go to Options and the ‘Redeem Code’ section.

Step 3: Enter the code above and click “Confirm” to get the corresponding reward immediately.

Dungeon and Slayer Codes


For a short time released to the public. The entertainment market has been shaken by the Idle RPG genre. Grasping this, ELLA Games quickly released their latest super product. To help draw users back to the world they created. Knowing how to seize such a good opportunity, has caused users to advertise a lot.

The ultimate battle with the warriors of justice. Your life is a long journey of adventure. Events stand out in the hero’s flaw. Perhaps the most resounding feats they have ever accomplished. This is considered as one of the important motivations for them to stay on the long road. Together create new miracles in the second world.

GiftCode Dungeon and Slayer

A new story has different ups and downs. Challenges do not stop making it difficult for users. They want you to falter and die in a dark cave. But faith and the power of justice have helped you prolong your life. To be able to increase survival time in a series of fierce battles. It is indispensable for high-class equipment and items to support combat. You will need to invest from this moment.

Dungeon and Slayer Codes FAQ

1. How can I unlock new characters in Dungeon and Slayer: Idle RPG?

Answer: To unlock new characters, you need to progress through the game by defeating monsters and clearing dungeons. As you level up, you will earn character shards that can be used to unlock and recruit new heroes to join your party. Keep playing and exploring different dungeons to discover more unique characters and their abilities.

2. What are the different game modes available in Dungeon and Slayer: Idle RPG?

Answer: Dungeon and Slayer: Idle RPG offers multiple game modes to keep players engaged. The main game mode is the Dungeon Exploration, where you can journey through various dungeons, defeat enemies, and collect valuable rewards. Additionally, there is a PvP Arena mode where you can challenge other players in real-time battles to test your skills. Another exciting mode is the Boss Raid, where you team up with other players to take down powerful bosses and earn exclusive loot.

3. How can I enhance and upgrade my equipment in Dungeon and Slayer: Idle RPG?

Answer: To enhance and upgrade your equipment, you can use the in-game crafting system. By collecting resources and materials during your adventures, you can create new gear or strengthen existing equipment. Additionally, you can find special enchantment stones that allow you to enhance the stats and abilities of your equipment. Explore different dungeons, defeat challenging enemies, and gather rare materials to create powerful gear and make your heroes even stronger.