Cyber ​​Dead: Super Squad is a side-scrolling story-based action game with a unique set of weapons. Choose one of the characters and go on a dangerous journey filled with bloodthirsty monsters. You are waiting for a gunfight with zombies and other mutants, wild animals, skeletons, and giant monsters. Help clean up the world of the undead using handguns and winged weapons, the skills and abilities of a brave warrior.

Cyber Dead: Super Squad

List of Codes

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- The most delicious 6-piece equipment set for you with extremely high stats

Code is hidden! Get

- Here’s a cheat code to help you unlock everything in this game


    Move through open spaces, jump, dodge enemy bullets, and strike monsters in time by shooting at them with shotguns. You will also have a few grenades, rocket launchers, and first aid kits to restore health. At the end of each location, you will face a boss, he is many times stronger than all other creatures and can make you sweat.