Archer Hunter is an adventure game where you become an archer and explore magical worlds.

Archer Hunter

List of Codes

Code is hidden! Get

- The reward includes 6000 gems, two golden keys, 15 Hero pieces, 40 random puzzle pieces

Code is hidden! Get

- You will immediately receive 300 random puzzle pieces, 10,900 gems

What is Archer Hunter?

Control the movement of a brave hero through colorful locations and help him fight hundreds of enemies. Use bows with arrows and magical abilities to destroy monsters. Carefully move through the closed levels, avoid collisions with spikes, dodge enemy bullets, and win crushing. Raise the ward’s level, open access to new abilities, upgrade them and use them in battles. Travel around the world, defeat bosses, and get rewards in chests, valuable items, and legendary weapons.


Archer Hunter Codes FAQ

FAQ: How can I obtain extra arrows in Archer Hunter - Adventure Game?

Answer: You can earn extra arrows by successfully completing bonus challenges, exploring hidden areas in the game, or by defeating special enemies that drop arrow power-ups.

FAQ: What are the different types of enemies in Archer Hunter - Adventure Game?

Answer: In the game, you will encounter a variety of enemies such as goblins, trolls, wolves, and undead creatures. Each enemy has unique abilities and requires different strategies to defeat.

FAQ: Can I customize my character's abilities in Archer Hunter - Adventure Game?

Answer: Yes, you can customize your character's abilities by earning skill points throughout the game. These skill points can be used to upgrade your archery skills, agility, and unlock special abilities to enhance your gameplay experience.

UpdateApril 16, 2024
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