Nature has allowed you to become a hero in Exos Heroes. Take this golden opportunity to perfect your qualities. As well as promoting the qualities of a talented person for everyone to witness. The game is highly intuitive, and the user can play in many different states.

Exos Heroes

Latest Exos Heroes Codes 2024

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- Levi Stones x500, Mu x7, Nation Recruit Ticket x5, Xes x400

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- Ultimate Orb x5, Gems x1000, Gold x800K, Ultimate Common Abrasive x99, Nation Recruit Tickets x7

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- Gold x707K, Levi Stones x800, Gems x2000

How to Redeem Code

Step 1: Open the game Exos Heroes, click the ☰ icon => Settings => Account.

Step 2: Enter the code and press   ‘Confirm’ to receive the reward.

Or you can visit the website:

Enter the coupon code and press Confirm to get the gift.

What is Exos Heroes?

Typical can be mentioned as hanging or manual. These are the top two choices for gamers in this role-playing genre. Exos Heroes brings a spacious playing field for players. You can swing horizontally and vertically anywhere without fear of being limited by the map. Even the obstacles now can’t stop you anymore.

Exos Heroes Codes

The great adventure in search of imperial swords and ancient dragon words is more evident than ever. Will the prophecy help you go from an ordinary person to a hero for all humanity? To successfully survive the encounter with the ancient curse and countless monsters on the quest for the sword.

Players must spend a lot of effort to break through their character because each warrior will have their skill strength and exclusive moves and is limited by level. To awaken their full power, gamers need to work hard on tasks, run copies, and hang up the machine to earn experience, …. This familiar role-playing game gives users unforgettable moments of the title—the first role-playing game.

UpdateApril 3, 2023
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