Exorcist in Island is a game in a few genres of activities with a bit of a paranormal feel. The game is taken with unique and rich content. Full of imagination and creativity of the publisher. To give users a second world and identity. Players will be able to become young exorcists with great prospects.

Exorcist in Island

Exorcist in Island Codes List

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- Instantly get 100 Captain EXP x 1EA, Boost (30m) x 1EA and 10K Mineral

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- Exchange for Brew x5, Gold x51,000, Gems Draw Ticket x3, High Stamina Potion x2

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    - Redeem this code for Brew x16, Gold x60,000, Gems Draw Ticket x4, High Stamina Potion x3

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    - Redeem this code for Brew x4, Gold x80,000, Gems Ticket x5, High Stamina Potion x4

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    - Redeem this code for Brew x5, Gold x120,000, Gems Ticket x8, High Enhancement Potion x1

    How to Redeem code

    Step 1: Open the game “Exorcist in Island” on your phone.

    Step 2: Go to the “System Settings” option located on the top left corner of the phone.

    Step 3: Then, tap on “Coupon Code”. Enter the gift code in the “Enter gift code” section.

    Step 4: Click the “Confirm” button to redeem the reward.

    Exorcist in Island Codes

    About the game

    You can become a member with the title of the rookie. Learn and develop your leadership skills in this world. Complete the most difficult table of contents to prove your ability. I firmly believe that players will be an important piece to create the development of the Game. Start your journey of cultivation and exorcism now with new friends.

    Do not hesitate to take decisive action to purify the evil. Your concessions can cost you dearly. Concentration and alertness are essential qualities in an exorcist. Whenever you let your guard down, you will fall into deadly danger. Conquer worshiping demons with exorcisms more skilled than yours.

    GiftCode Exorcist in Island

    In front of the door of justice, there will be leaders like you. As a guide to guide the heroes of exorcism in the right direction. You will have to create puzzle pieces to tie them together. To create the strongest and most durable purification wall possible. Fight back against a series of harassment from demons created by resentment.