TTHmobi is the name of the publisher who founded the super product Dragon Hunters: Heroes Legend. An application under the control of a young creator has caused many waves in the market. A familiar feature of recognizing a super product is an achievement. Regarding the application’s accomplishments, it is impossible to count from many downloads in the first week of launch to simultaneous hits.

Dragon Hunters: Heroes Legend

List of Codes

Code is hidden! Get

- Your reward is 1300 diamonds and x120 Sapphires

Code is hidden! Get

- Use code to get 500 diamonds

Code is hidden! Get

- A meaningful gift for gamers

Code is hidden! Get

- Bonus includes Basic Enhancement Stone x20 and 700 diamonds

Code is hidden! Get

- You will get Ride Ascension Jade x10 and 850 diamonds

Code is hidden! Get

- Redeem gift codes to get Gem Bound x55, Ascension Gem x6 and Base Enhance Stone x4

Code is hidden! Get

- A small gift of 300 diamonds for newcomers

How to Redeem Code

Step 1: Open the game Dragon Hunters: Heroes Legend and go to the Avatar icon.

Step 2: Find the Default Configuration Settings section, and switch to the Activation Code tab.

Step 3: Enter the code in the empty box and press Request Bundle to get the reward.

What are Dragon Hunters?

To cover all the features in one article is probably too long, so we have shortened it for time reasons. However, assuring users that the information is still very complete so that users can refer directly here. Without wasting your time anymore, let’s get to the main topic. The following content is critical during the player’s experience.

Dragon Hunters Heroes Legend Codes

Dragon Hunters: Heroes Legend is in the top adventure category. The content has a chain of words to create a long history page with many unexpected details. Players can put their feet in the adventurer’s shoes, and a new life has officially begun. Witness monster hunts to find immense treasures, and capture this beautiful moment with your own eyes.

Choose the industry you want to allow, and use your own experience to see if it is suitable or not. The most popular profession is still a hunter and adventurer, which many gamers favor. Each character is distributed with the role of a worker,… The last noteworthy thing can only be that you can own pets by star level.

Dragon Hunters2: Fantasy World Codes FAQ

How can I unlock new characters in Dragon Hunters2: Fantasy World?

Answer: To unlock new characters in Dragon Hunters2: Fantasy World, you will need to progress through the game and complete specific challenges or quests. Some characters may also be unlocked by reaching certain levels or by participating in special events.

Are there any special abilities or powers that characters can unlock in Dragon Hunters2: Fantasy World?

Answer: Yes, each character in Dragon Hunters2: Fantasy World has the ability to unlock special powers or abilities as they level up. These abilities can enhance the character’s combat skills, provide passive buffs, or grant unique in-game advantages.

How can I maximize my rewards and resources in Dragon Hunters2: Fantasy World?

Answer: To maximize your rewards and resources in Dragon Hunters2: Fantasy World, make sure to participate in daily quests, events, and challenges. Additionally, joining a guild and collaborating with other players can help you earn more rewards and progress faster in the game.