Brave Dungeon: Immortal Legend is a game about a team of heroes. Each of them has its unique combat characteristics. Odin can be a light mage and calls for the help of the Angels, as well as heals his teammates on the battlefield.

Brave Dungeon

Free Codes List

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- You will get 200 Diamonds, 10 Rough Stones, and 1 Dice of Destiny, but the deadline is only until April 29, 2022

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- With this code you will get 5000 Diamonds and 100 Raw Stones. Quantity is only 500 codes

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- This is a special gift code, with a value of Hero Summon Voucher x120 and Certificate of Chronos x45

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- With not much value, but still better than nothing. Includes Mithril x5 and Adv. Stone x100

How to Redeem code

Step 1: Find the section titled ‘Fun Facts’ on the game’s menu.

Step 2: Scroll the menu to the left and find the words “Redeem”.

Step 3: Click and enter the gift codes in the section “Exchange gift package” => Exchange.

Finally, go to the mail to receive the corresponding reward you want.

Brave Dungeon Codes

About the Game

The black magician, using a summoning technique, will raise the defeated enemy from the dead, who will begin to fight for you. The third barbarian with Berserk skill can deal a billion damage in seconds to all opponents in a short time. Archers attack from a distance. She pulls the rope in multiple moves and one-shot deals severe damage to one of the enemies. And if they stand in a line, the arrow will go right through them, dividing the damage among everyone.

Upgraded character

In addition to these heroes, there are also secondary heroes in the game. Each character that survives the battle gains a certain amount of experience. For points after upgrading, you can pump skills or learn new abilities. Points are also awarded for completed quests and explored dungeons. The last ones in The Brave: Legend of Immortal have 500 pieces. They do not differ much in shape, it is impossible to talk about locations on the giant world map.

Brave Dungeon Redeem Code

Petrified elves

This is the real expansion. I want to go to the sand. Dangerous insects of enormous size and their leaders will lie there waiting for you. In the flooded swamps, hidden firewood will hunt you, and drowned people will crawl out of the grass. On the mountain, you will meet petrified goblins and many dangerous animals. To defeat them, it is necessary not only to rotate the hero correctly but also to take care of their weapons and armor. With a mod that earns a lot of money, at the very beginning of the game you can buy your team the best weapons, equip them with strong armor, and replenish the inventory with a large number of potions.