UpdateDecember 1, 2023
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Once again, A3: Still Alive has returned to its authentic place on the social charts. Because of that, the attention of CodesLL quickly turned to the application. It is known that the game has improved a lot, from the interface to many coupons. To enhance the feeling of experience for many gamers, Netmarble has made a tough decision about how to play it to innovate. They don’t want to keep a little bit of the old style but instead have a new face.

A3 Still Alive

Latest A3 Still Alive Coupon Codes

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- Get a gift including Blue Diamond x3500, Gold x50M, Protection x77, Mana Stone x2M

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- Extreme rewards include Protection x50, Blue Diamond x5000,  Soul Linker Wish Summon Currency x350, Soul Linker Equipment Summon Currency x500, Gold 24000000, Mana Stone x1500000

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- You will get Blue Diamond x4200, Soul Linker Equipment Summon Currency x800, Mana Stone x4000000 immediately

How to Redeem Code

Step 1: Open the game A3 Still Alive, click on the Menu corner => Settings => Enter a coupon.

Step 2: Enter the code in the box. Please enter the coupon number or event code, and press Confirm to receive the reward.

Or you can enter the code right on the website the following way:

Visit the website:

Enter the PID in the ‘Enter membership code’ section, enter the code in the ‘Enter discount code box, and click ‘Confirm’ to receive the reward.

What is A3 Still Alive?

A3: Still Alive has added events for users, and content is also added to create richness. Players will have direct access to other gamers. Compete directly with them to earn the rank you deserve. You may not know A3: Still Alive is also an MMORPG so that gamers can play in an idle format.

A3 Still Alive Codes

Recruit recruits, learn, and do world missions to gain experience. Players will have to work hard on assignments thanks to the power of the god of war. Each warrior will have their weapons attached; they consider it their lucky treasure. By obtaining personal weapons, the user’s combat power will be skyrocketed.

Combined with that, the player also has to use personal moves to deal damage to the opponent. A3: Still Alive often gives you intense battles, and enthusiasm users must use their abilities to win.

A3 Still Alive Codes FAQ

1. How can I improve my character's combat skills in A3: Still Alive?


To enhance your character's combat skills in A3: Still Alive, you can focus on leveling up your character, upgrading equipment, and refining your skillsets. Engage in various PvE (Player vs. Environment) activities, such as quests, dungeons, and raids, to earn experience points and gain levels. Additionally, participate in PvP (Player vs. Player) battles to test your combat abilities against other players. Keep an eye out for special events and challenges that offer rewards, such as skill points, that can be used to unlock and improve your character's skills.

2. How can I obtain rare items or equipment in A3: Still Alive?


Obtaining rare items or equipment in A3: Still Alive requires a combination of strategies. Exploring dungeons and engaging in challenging raids will increase your chances of looting rare and powerful gear. Additionally, participate in PvP battles or events that offer exclusive rewards. You can also try your luck with the in-game gacha system, which allows you to spend in-game currency or real money to acquire random items. Keep an eye on special limited-time offers or promotions, as they might provide opportunities to obtain rare equipment through discounts or unique event rewards.

3. How can I maximize my character's progression in A3: Still Alive?


To maximize your character's progression in A3: Still Alive, focus on various aspects of the game. Firstly, complete quests and engage in PvE activities to gain experience points, level up, and unlock new content. As you progress, invest your resources into upgrading your character's equipment and enhancing their stats. Join guilds or form groups to tackle challenging dungeons and raids, as these encounters often offer valuable rewards. Additionally, take part in PvP battles and events to earn reputation and improve your character's standing in the game's community. Always keep an eye out for new updates and events, as they introduce fresh content and opportunities for progression.