World of Tanks Blitz immerses you in the era of the Second World War, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful graphic design of the locations and high-quality sound effects. Each map in the game will take the participants of the battles to the territory of a particular historical region. At the beginning of the game, players are waiting for a minor training mode that will introduce beginner tanks to all the intricacies of the gameplay.

World of Tanks Blitz

There is a well-thought-out procurement system in any other large-scale strategy. After earning enough money, you will be able to buy more powerful tanks. There are also unique bonuses in the game store and right below. Access to the game at any stage will allow free WoT Blitz cheats.

List of gift Codes

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- With this code, get 1600 Gold, 560,000 Credits and 25 latest Battle Rental of T-34-85M

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- Get 1000 Gold and 900,000 Credits immediately after using this code

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- Use the code to get x50 300% XP (8 hours), 1900 Gold plus x23 100% XP (2 hours)

How to Redeem Code

Step 1: To enter the gift code, you will have to use it on the developer’s official website by visiting and logging into your World of Tanks account.

Step 2: After successful login, click on your Username. Next, click on the “Activate The Wargaming Code” item.

Step 3: Enter the code and click Redeem, and you’re done.

What is World of Tanks Blitz?

World of Tanks Blitz is a tank strategy game with a large selection of military vehicles and hundreds of upgrades. Battles in the mobile version of the popular game will occur in 7v7 mode. Players will receive bonuses and experience for defeating enemy tanks. This money can be spent on buying fire extinguishers, cartridge cases, spare parts, first aid kits, new guns and ammunition, cartridges and tools, scopes, and new guns. With each subsequent battle, in-game purchases increase in price.

World of Tanks Blitz Codes

Improved weapon equipment

For successful combat, it is necessary to consider the characteristics of the vehicles, their strengths, and their weaknesses. Before the battle, the crew should be equipped with extraordinary innovations – boosters. These bonuses allow you to deliver crushing blows to your enemies or defend your tank.

Upgrade yourself

World of Tanks Blitz battles occur in real-time, and the machines attack one by one. User involvement is not always necessary due to the auto-battle system. The upgrades are purchased at a local store with money earned during the pass.

Many battlefields for you to roam

You can save for a new gun, armor, or engine. And if you want new sensations, you are welcome to the tank factory, where you can always find something to your liking. But the multiplayer battles across ten battlefields are much more enjoyable. It can be street blocks, industrial zones, city suburbs, and other places. They will be a real test even for the most experienced players.

World of Tanks Blitz Codes FAQ

Can I use the same code on multiple accounts?

Answer: No, each code can only be used once and is typically limited to one account.

Are there expiration dates for the codes?

Answer: Yes, most codes have an expiration date and must be used before that date to receive the rewards.

What types of rewards can I expect from using World of Tanks Blitz codes?

Answer: Rewards may vary, but common rewards include in-game currency, premium vehicles, and customization items such as camouflages or emblems.