You are looking for the most complete version of the puzzle genre. If players still have not found the best product for themselves. Then come to the game Wish: Beyond Fate to satisfy this criterion. It seems that your top requests will be fulfilled as soon as you walk in. Just the first time you join, you can feel this.

Wish: Beyond Fate

List of Codes

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- 1,200,000 Free Gold with expiry date this year

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- Stats like HP, Mana, Power upgrade to the maximum with our exclusive cheats code

How to redeem code

Step 1: Log in to the game Wish: Beyond Fate and find the avatar in the left corner of the screen.

Step 2: Select ‘Settings’ and go to ‘Redeem Code’.

Step 3: Enter the code above and click “Confirm” to get the corresponding reward immediately.

What is Wish: Beyond Fate?

Although not the game possesses advanced and colorful graphics. However, players will be immersed in a mysterious atmosphere. The magic from the new land will make players forget the fatigue of daily work. Just press the button to join Wish: Beyond Fate, this will be your second life. Find the joys you haven’t felt for so long.

Wish: Beyond Fate Codes

The development of puzzles will reach new heights. Don’t just stop at normal and simple puzzles anymore. The game can now be duplicated on separate occasions. Users will be confronted with puzzles of varying difficulty. Here you need to have a very good playing skills and mastery.

Wish: Beyond Fate Cheats

Not giving up will be a concept you must always carry in your head. Don’t leave behind new companions just for a few simple puzzles. Let’s go through the most difficult test with them together. If you feel this level is too difficult, think about using auxiliary items. It will be the key to rescuing people in deadlock situations.

UpdateSeptember 26, 2023
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