Way of the Viking is an online mobile strategy game with tactical gameplay from the creators of War Thunder, in which you must compete with other players from around the world.

Way of the Viking

List of Codes

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    - Get a random hero for free

    What is the Way of the Vikings?

    The creators of this project decided to go in a rather unusual way, combining elements of online battle arenas and tabletop card games in one game. And so, by launching the game, you can go through the initial training, during which you will master the essential elements of the gameplay.

    Then, by choosing your character and additional damage factors, you can join online battles. A playground is a place surrounded by roads. The opponents are on different sides, and your task is to choose the best path and try to get to the treasure chest first while destroying the enemy.

    Way of the Viking Codes

    Combat system

    As you move through the location, your team will encounter various enemies, while the units themselves will fight on autopilot, but you won’t be left alone. You will have the opportunity to choose the patronage of one of the gods of Scandinavian mythology and, therefore, new ways of defeating with the help of magic. These are the abilities you will use. However, your main task will be to choose the optimal set of units and additional resources, which will affect the gameplay.

    Graphics solution

    In addition, it is worth noting the graphic solution, the perfectly conveyed atmosphere of a fairy tale, detailed units, and bright animations, which make the gameplay exciting and beautiful.