Do not bind users in any way, from the rules to the form of play. A playground was created to help users be transformed into the best versions. In an immersive world, you can do whatever you want. We would like to introduce Tower of Fantasy to realize the user’s criteria. A game that is considered the leading solution for intense combat role-playing.

Tower of Fantasy

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    What is Tower of Fantasy?

    It is known that this product is simulated by a manufacturer Level Infinite. They have entirely recreated modern wartime content at a time when people have sublimated to modern technology. Urbanization entails unpredictable consequences that you cannot imagine. Being in the vortex of this battle for survival is stressful.

    Tower of Fantasy Codes

    Only brave people dare to overcome. Hundreds of your opponents will be gathered from all over the world. Just through your mobile device, you can stand shoulder to shoulder with them. Tower of Fantasy is both a fast-paced survival role-playing genre. It is also an entertainment playground that helps people connect through teams.

    Creating your team is an idea that we recommend to users because it helps you get used to the combat atmosphere more quickly. As well as creating a solid wall of solidarity against the wave of attacks. I believe that role-playing and using skills will be learned promptly by you.