Tomb Mystery: Whisperer customers have highly appreciated the entertainment it brings and placed at the top of the role-playing and adventure genres. Players will feel the unique stream of joy that the application brings. After only a short time of experience, I believe you will have to immerse yourself in this world. There is no way out of the charm. It is a powerful weapon that this application possesses.

Tomb Mystery Whisperer

List of Codes

Code is hidden! Get

- Use the code to get 999 diamonds

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- Get 8888 diamonds immediately after using

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- A VIP code with reward 7777 diamonds

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- Use this code to get VIP 9 for free

How to Redeem Code

Step 1: Open the game “Tomb Mystery Whisperer” and find the option “Bonus.”

Step 2: Next, go to the “Change package” section. Enter the code in the “Enter redemption code” blank box.

Step 3: Click “Exchange” to get a worthy reward.

What is Tomb Mystery Whisperer?

Origin Games is the name of the publisher who created the game series. They are also the one who monopolizes control of the game. Hence the user reviews and comments about the cons. Will be gathered by the creators to draw their bloody lessons, from which a new update can be released. Most likely, the application will release more complete versions in the next few days.

Tomb Mystery Whisperer Codes

Difficult challenge

The story of a mysterious tomb sunk deep due to the desert and snow… Any ancient tomb has unusual acupuncture points and traps. Make the user’s challenge even more difficult. And yet the location to determine the boundary of the ancient tomb is challenging, and you need to have map observation skills. Ancient ruins bring valuable items that are still happily buried under the soil.

Many mysteries are waiting for you to discover

If you successfully reach the end of the ancient tomb, the reward will be a lot. Many treasures were carried by the dead, which could be exchanged for large amounts of gold coins. Based on your own role-playing experience, uncover the mystery. The relics they left behind greatly value your ancient tomb exploration.