The Revolt: Massing is a game that teaches users how to capture the victory. The game with the content revolves around the beautiful elaborate battles. Promising to receive a rain of compliments from domestic and foreign users.

The Revolt: Massing

List of The Revolt: Massing Codes

Code is hidden! Get

- Code package worth $ 19.99 exclusively for you, with each UID can only be changed once. Rewards are sent directly via email and are extremely valuable.

Code is hidden! Get

- Rewards include Coins × 190,000, 100 Years Ginseng × 14, Breadth Hero, Stone × 200, Gear Ref. Stone III × 28

    Code is hidden! Get

    - Includes: Summon Charm ×140, Spirit Stone ×693

    How to Redeem Codes

    Step 1: Tap the + sign at the bottom right of the game screen.

    Step 2: select Settings => Gift code.

    Step 3: Enter the code above and confirm. Items will be shipped to you immediately.

    The Revolt: Massing Codes

    Detailed introduction to the game

    The Revolt: Massing is considered a blockbuster blockbuster in the RPG genre. The application has been greatly improved since its launch days. To help users have the most enjoyable and stimulating experience moments. The wait that users spend will be well worth it. By the time you experience in this second world. The equivalent of spending money to find the joy that is hard to find in strategy games.

    This is a game based on the famous comic books Westward. With the feature of being the first game to own such outstanding content. The Revolt: Massing has excellently brought itself a large number of players. Has shown the worthy position it is holding on the chart. Existing player ratings will be an important milestone. To help the application assert its position in the entertainment market more firmly.

    GiftCode The Revolt: Massing


    The simple gameplay of the application is also a plus point in the eyes of users. You just need to manage combat operations with easy operation. Then receive rewards for the gifts you put in the effort. From here, players will need to use resources to develop their own warrior team. To be able to hold the top positions on the glorious rankings day by day.