Publisher Tapfantasy never disappoints fans. We only need to look at the huge collection of games to feel the dominance. The design is modern and always takes the player’s criteria first. So since the launch of Tap Fantasy, many domestic and foreign gamers have enthusiastically supported it.

Tap Fantasy

List of Gift Codes

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Tap fantasy invitation code

Step 1: Go to Activity and select WALLET CONNECT.

Step 2: Choose a wallet, we take METAMASK for example here. Select Connect and enter your account.

Step 3: Now that you have successfully connected the wallet, Click next to get the invitation code. You already have your invite code.

Tap Fantasy Codes

What is Tap Fantasy?

Celebrate the app with launch day downloads. The number of unbelievable numbers has proven the position of a blockbuster. In the first months of the year, a lot of games are competing with each other. This fierceness has helped Tap Fantasy as a powerful force for growth and change. Let’s welcome the most positive changes in the game.

Even if it’s just an adventurous journey through new lands. But with the status of an almighty warrior holding a silver weapon. Players will be playing the role of heroes in the world. You will face different monsters. But be brave and alert in the face of them. Because I believe you can do so much more.

Tap Fantasy Cheats

Currently, the game is releasing in foreign regions. Therefore, players can experience with foreign friends. Compete against friends in the game community. With your talent and strength, defeat heavy foreign opponents. Climb to the top of the best players on the server. Wish players have a complete and perfect experience with relatives, friends,…