Is your courage enough in the face of dangers in Tales of Grimm? How exciting would a world where witches compete for each other’s power? Wander across the ghost town to become a legend in this region. Before the fluctuations of the city, you need to update the latest information constantly.

Tales of Grimm

List of Tales of Grimm codes 2024

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- Use the code to get Energy Gems x5, Diamonds x1000, Hero EXP x80K, Gold x700K

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- The reward includes Diamonds x500, Gold x200K, Energy Gems x3, Promotion Stones x400

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- Can get Diamonds x2000, Gold x1500K, 100 Free summons

How to Redeem Code

Step 1: Open the Tales of Grimm game, and click Settings =>  Gift Code.

Step 2: Enter the code in the text box and immediately press Claim to receive the reward.

What are Tales of Grimm?

Many potential dangers are coming your way. To ensure the safety of the empire, you serve to protect. Players need to reorganize the squad along with recruiting more new members. Your ranks are a fundamental key to saving the kingdom.

Tales of Grimm Codes

The presence of the members created a sharp weapon to destroy all the danger facing the empire. Adventure with high-ranking heroes, lead them on the right path and save the world’s situation. The user’s task is to create a balance to stabilize peace between the tribes.

On the other hand, the devil is still roaming around and waiting for your neglected opportunity to attack. Grasping the current situation is not beneficial to the human army. You should create pieces of training, unlock super skills enhancement, and add equipment to your inventory. Maximum support for the warriors so they can rest assured of going to battle in the best state. Each mission will help users accumulate personal points and be given keys to open treasure chests.