UpdateSeptember 25, 2023
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Is your effort enough while participating in the competition at Sword Art Online VS. To test, we need to go through competitive battles and performance evaluation,… Most importantly, your position on the leaderboard has been renewed positively. The game is an excellent synthesis of the monotonous role-playing genre.

Sword Art Online

Active Sword Art Online VS Codes

Code is hidden! Get

- Crystal x4000, Gacha x2

Code is hidden! Get

- Randomly get a free SSR hero

Code is hidden! Get

- Crystal x8888

How to Redeem Code

Step 1: Open the game Sword Art Online, and click on your in-game character avatar.

Step 2: Next, select Settings => Redeem Codes.

Step 3: Enter the code in the text box and click OK to get the reward.

Sword Art Online VS Tier List?

Players will enjoy the adventures under the character’s actual eyes. Transform into virtual warriors, fight, and complete missions in the simulator world. This is the promised land that many users are looking for. Its attraction is increasing day by day, so the number of visitors is increasing day by day.

Sword Art Online Codes

The competition also adds up to make the playing field even noisier. As a skilled and intelligent gamer, you can master any event. Sword Art Online VS is inspired by the famous series Sword Art Online Variant Showdown. Players will enjoy the feeling of death in the journey to find the answer.

Beating the server is the top goal that any player wants to achieve. As long as there is collective strength, no obstacle can stop you. Kirito and his friends are waiting for you; join them in creating a new miracle in your anecdote. Defeat the ugly creeps with the warrior’s skill set; combo combos are the best way to stack damage.

Sword Art Online Codes FAQ

1. How can I unlock new characters in Sword Art Online VS codes?

Answer: To unlock new characters in Sword Art Online VS codes, you need to progress through the game's story mode. As you complete each stage, you will encounter and defeat different characters, gradually adding them to your playable roster.

2. Are there any special abilities or powers in Sword Art Online VS codes?

Answer: Yes, each character in Sword Art Online VS codes has unique special abilities and powers. These abilities can be used strategically during battles to gain an advantage over your opponents. Experiment with different characters to discover their specific special moves and powers.

3. Can I play Sword Art Online VS codes online with my friends?

Answer: Yes, Sword Art Online VS codes offers an online multiplayer mode where you can compete against your friends or other players around the world. Connect with other players online and engage in thrilling battles to prove your skills and become the ultimate champion of Sword Art Online.