UpdateOctober 17, 2023
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Smash Kingdom: Slingshot Action Defense is a strategy game with action elements, many heroes, and hand-drawn graphics. The game will take us to a fairy tale kingdom, where evil monsters attack it.

Smash Kingdom

List of Cheats

Code is hidden! Get

- Get an amount of money that is enough for you to use for a short time

Code is hidden! Get

- Get some VIP characters for free

About the Game

Gates appear near the castle walls, and previously unknown creatures will come out of them and attack the kingdom. Stand up for the civilians, collect a deck consisting of a unique set of warriors, and defeat your enemies. Use cards with heroes and launch them at enemies, destroy portals and earn coins with valuable crystals. Between battles, upgrade your character, increase the damage dealt and the number of lives. Victories level up the castle and allow you to unlock more exciting new units and additional game modes.