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Sacred Summons

List of Sacred Summons Gift Codes

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- Summon Scroll x20, Summoning Charm x20

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- Bound Ingot x400, Summon Scroll x14

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- Summoning Charm x50, Bound Ingot x150

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- Summon Scroll x100

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- Summing Charm x11, Bound Ingot x11

How to Redeem Code

Step 1: Open the game Sacred Summons, and select Profile => Exchange Pack.

Step 2: Enter the code in the empty box and click Confirm to receive exclusive rewards from us.

Sacred Summons Codes

Sacred Summons Wiki

Have you ever considered becoming a representative hero in the realm of Sacred Summons? Players will experience the feeling of true spirituality in stories only found in movies. Now you will be cultivating in the most invincible way. Expand your personal cultivation to become the best sword fairy. Defeat the disciples and monsters with the power you have on your journey to immortality. Break the limit that is holding back the enormous power within you.

Every door has a lock, and the key is in your heart. Effectively exploit the power that you gain after days of wandering. Find the purpose of fighting after days of hard training. Come to the glorious arena, where players have the opportunity to put their names on the honor board. Fight directly with the gods through divine clone activity. In the end, the person who survives successfully will be able to get his hands on the most prestigious victory.

Sacred Summons Gift Codes

Through each stage, the player will get closer and closer to encountering Chaos and the fire demons. They are the ones who have eaten away at the souls and infected the evil ways of the fairy cultivators. Few could successfully resist these dark spirits. They interfere continuously, causing the journey of fairy cultivation to be interrupted. So your appearance is a great hope for the sword fairies. All must join hands to create a wonderful fairy tale. Keep the peace with the divine power that you gain.