Rise of Stars is the latest version of the new Wemade Max Co., Ltd. to be released to the public. Recently just after launching a full day or two before the market. The app has shown how great its coverage is. When it is accessed at the same time comes from different places.

Rise of Stars

List of Codes

Code is hidden! Get

- Exchange this code to get 10K Mineral, 100 Captain EXP x 1EA, Boost (30m) x 1EA . It will expire on March 25, 2022 so hurry up guys

Code is hidden! Get

- This is an exclusive code of CodesLL with a huge gift as follows: Boost (60m) x 100, 300K Mineral

    How to redeem code

    Step 1: Log in to the Rise of Stars game and click on your avatar to go to the Menu.

    Step 2: Go to Options and the ‘Redeem Code’ section.

    Step 3: Enter the code above and click “Confirm” to get the corresponding reward immediately.

    Rise of Stars Codes


    To be able to do such unthinkable things. We cannot ignore the effort and brain of the creator. When these young and talented people have given their all. With the desire for players to have the most enjoyable experience. Your reviews will be the most honest review for the following rookies.

    Not stopping there, players will experience a fantasy universe setting. You will be given the status of a commander of a space station in the vast universe. You are provided with the right to control the activities of this place. And from here the biography of the new development journey begins. From rudimentary technology parks to skyscraper control buildings. Each successful construction will bring you a little joy.

    GiftCode Rise of Stars

    The buildings you own as well as the advanced weapons you unlock. Will be essential defensive forces in protecting you against the onslaught of waves. Waves aimed at headquarters would be intercepted from the outside. This is a game of money and time mining. As well as giving players their coaching sessions. You will be unleashed your ability to forget your genius at the command post.