UpdateSeptember 30, 2023
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What name can you immediately remember when it comes to shooting related content? For GameHuk itself, the top answer will be PUBG MOBILE. The game with the most significant number of fans and participants in the market. Its position is always stable in the top most engaged. Traffic continued to skyrocket after comparisons between apps and other versions.

PUBG Mobile

List of Pubg Mobile Codes

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- AG x23, Jester Hero Headgear, BP x899, Kar98 Skin

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- UC x200, BP x500

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- AG x40, UC x650

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- BP x1200, M4A1 Skin, AG x15

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- M24 Skin, BP x430

PUBG Rename Card Free 2023

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- Use the code to change your character’s name for free. Only enter 900 times

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- With this code, you will enter 750 times, and use it to change your name for free

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- This code can be used 1000 times

PUBG Rename

How to Redeem Code

Step 1: Open the PUBG Mobile game, click on the avatar and copy the character ID.

Step 2: Visit the website:

Step 3: Enter the character ID, and enter the code in the Redeem Code code box.

Step 4: Enter the Verification Code and click Redeem to receive the reward.

PUBG Mobile Wiki

He created a premise and catalyst for players to continue to fight confidently. PUBG MOBILE is a masterpiece of publisher Lever Infinite. He made a thrilling action playground for users. To thank the dedication of the investor and the creator of the application. We will help them put out the application’s information to introduce to users.

PUBG Mobile Codes

Also, because it is known as a shooting game with a lot of competition, you can’t escape team battles. Players can choose different modes or fighting methods according to crime or individual;… The user decides all. The player’s assertiveness right now will help. You can add a new challenge.

PUBG MOBILE creates different terrain maps suitable for everyone. The richness of the game map makes it easy for users to find magnifying positions as well as being able to wait to train the opponents following the party. The motto of fighting fast and winning quickly is the right time to explode.

PUBG Mobile Codes FAQ

1. Can I use PUBG MOBILE codes more than once?

Yes, PUBG MOBILE codes can only be used once. Once you have redeemed a code, it cannot be used again.

2. How do I obtain PUBG MOBILE codes?

There are several ways to obtain PUBG MOBILE codes. These codes are often distributed during special events, promotions, or giveaways organized by PUBG MOBILE on their social media channels, live streams, or official website. You can also keep an eye out for exclusive codes shared by influencers and content creators associated with PUBG MOBILE.

3. What rewards can I get by using PUBG MOBILE codes?

PUBG MOBILE codes allow you to redeem various in-game rewards. These rewards can include weapons, outfits, crate coupons, vehicle skins, character customization items, and more. The specific rewards available may vary for each code, so make sure to check the code's description or announcement to see what you will receive.