Pocket Troops is a strategy where brave soldiers will be under our control. Pocket Troops has provided each of them with their arsenal of weapons and skills, and this will have to be taken into account when assembling a team of “spenders.” With it, you will engage in fierce battles and complete some difficult and dangerous missions in the most remote corners of the planet. But before rushing into action, heroes must carefully prepare in the gym, hone their skills, and accumulate strength. Sometimes they may need medical attention.

Pocket Troops

Pocket Troops Cheats

After a short training, we will be given some cash to hire warriors. Recruits differ not only in their combat characteristics but also in their expertise. Here are snipers – the most accurate fighters but weak in close combat, assault rifles – ideal for any march, soldiers with shotguns, etc.

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Buy people, and we send them into battle. Before starting the fight, we indicate the targets to attack in the first place and press the start button. After that, the fighters began to destroy each other automatically. In addition, before starting the battle, you can use various support means, for example, attack and lower the enemy’s health before starting the fight.

Pocket Troops Cheats


For all this, the game creators provided unique rooms and everything needed to complete the quest. This is a gym with a large selection of exercise equipment, a small hospital with all the necessary equipment and medications, and a relaxation room with TV, chess, chess, and comfortable sofas. Roof. So, for example, you can put your warriors on their feet with the help of green, vibrant green, and ice. The Pocket Troops hack version even takes care of the money printer, which you can also use for your needs and download a mod for big money.

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12 interesting quests

When the training is complete, you will be able to challenge other participants in the game, go on missions alone or with the support of friends from the VKontakte network, and challenge the most formidable enemies. Before you are twelve exciting android missions, you will meet the most cunning enemies, and one of them is Dr. Evil himself. But the final game will depend only on you and can surprise even the most experienced gamers.