UpdateSeptember 26, 2023
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Finally, users have a hand in Paradise: Waifu Dream. An application that is highly appreciated in terms of tactics and thinking. The gameplay of the game is also discussed a lot in the reviews. Having shown that the media has shown a lot of accurate information, players can refer to many gift codes at CodesLL.

Paradise: Waifu Dream

List of Codes

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- Use to get 1,000,000 gold and 60 free summon tickets

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- You will get 200,000 gold and 1000 gems, 20 summon tickets

How to Redeem Code

Step 1: Visit the homepage:

Step 2: Click the “Redeem” button and log in to your account.

Step 3: Enter the code in the “Enter gift code” => “Redeem code” section to get the reward.

What is Paradise: Waifu Dream?

Reduce your boring time to the minimum of your day in a small way that is an experience. All the fatigue will pass when you have blockbuster blockbusters on your mobile device. You can create a happy moment for yourself in the memory. Sharing experiences with friends helps you double the great feeling and choose who to introduce immediately.

Paradise: Waifu Dream Codes

The current situation shows that Paradise: Waifu Dream has been popular with many users. Recently, gamers have been holding a class tactical application in the palm of a hand. Gradually they also have to fall deeply into the virtual world. That charm makes you irresistible. The user’s mood has also improved markedly, and trust is what you need to respond to with this application.

At the beginning of the gameplay, it must be said that the recruitment of female warriors. Players only need to log in to receive free recruitments immediately. You can successfully recruit up to 6 members and engage them with your strategy. The most destructive power is gray matter and thinking because it can be used indefinitely and without loss.

Paradise: Waifu Dream Codes FAQ

FAQ 1: What characters can I date in Paradise: Waifu Dream codes?


In Paradise: Waifu Dream codes, you have the opportunity to date a diverse range of waifu characters. Some popular options include Sakura, the confident and adventurous warrior princess, Hikari, the shy and compassionate bookworm, and Aiko, the energetic and mischievous idol singer. Each character offers a unique storyline and romantic journey for you to explore.

FAQ 2: How can I increase my character's affection level in Paradise: Waifu Dream codes?


To enhance your character's affection level, you can engage in various activities within the game. Spending quality time with your waifu, such as going on dates or participating in events, will strengthen your bond. Additionally, showering your character with gifts and compliments will demonstrate your genuine affection and make them feel loved. Progressing through their individual storylines and making choices that align with their personality will also contribute to building a deeper connection.

FAQ 3: Can I form a romantic relationship with multiple characters at the same time in Paradise: Waifu Dream codes?


While you can have multiple characters as friends in Paradise: Waifu Dream codes, forming a romantic relationship with multiple characters simultaneously is not possible. The game encourages players to focus on building a meaningful connection with one waifu character at a time. This allows for a more immersive and personal experience, as you can fully invest in each character's storyline and cultivate a genuine and deep relationship.