A new format is taking place at the playground of Neon Abyss Infinity. It is a 2D graphics shooting and jumping game with lots of exciting content. It is a Roguelite genre combined with many active elements to help players overcome challenges. You must have had many personal achievements in shooting content. Then, the game has a jumping format and attractive shooting, which will be your next challenge. The island you need to conquer is where assassins are visiting every day. Your life in the virtual world now also has the presence of villains. It can be said that the game content is oriented toward an apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic scenario when humans have to face the monsters they created.

Neon Abyss Infinity

Neon Abyss Infinity Codes List

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- Gold x557K

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- Money x777K

Neon Abyss Infinity Tips

The outbreak of the epidemic has caused people to change gradually. They slowly transform into actual demons; their appearance now becomes hideous. The aggression of the demons in human form is gradually increasing over time. To survive the riots and remnants of the epidemic, humans had to ally. The survivors joined hands together to save the last seed of humanity. Neon Abyss: Infinity has dramatic gameplay, and players have to deal with monsters using the skills and weapons confiscated by survivors.

The user activates the weapon through the mobile screen while simultaneously moving quickly. For you to create an effective match for yourself, players must master the moves before starting. Overcome dangerous terrain by jumping; the jump button will be essential for crossing many rugged terrains. In addition, players must also avoid sharp spikes under their feet, monsters in the air, etc. Many challenges are reserved for users during the PK process.

Neon Abyss Infinity Codes

You must be alert and focused enough to overcome the most difficult maps. The presence of heavy weapons is indispensable to help players increase their winning rate. You can flexibly use weapons such as flamethrowers, rifles, etc. Combine with supernatural skills to wipe out ugly monsters. Defeat them, and achievements and rewards will be yours, which will be transferred straight to your backpack. Players can make friends and play with their friends.

Neon Abyss:Infinity Codes FAQ

How can I enhance my character’s abilities in Neon Abyss: Infinity codes?
Answer: You can enhance your character’s abilities by collecting power-ups and upgrades throughout the game. Look out for special items that can boost your health, damage, speed, and more.

What are the different game modes available in Neon Abyss: Infinity codes?
Answer: Neon Abyss: Infinity codes offers several game modes, including a standard run mode, daily challenge mode, boss rush mode, and more. Each mode presents a unique challenge and gameplay experience for players to enjoy.

Are there any hidden secrets or Easter eggs to discover in Neon Abyss: Infinity codes?
Answer: Yes, there are various hidden secrets and Easter eggs scattered throughout Neon Abyss: Infinity codes. Keep an eye out for hidden rooms, secret paths, and special interactions that can lead to exciting discoveries in the game.