Control your destiny with your strength at the giant moonlight Sculptor playground. Break the limits of apps for a better future. Moments of sublimation ahead are waiting for the most worthy person to come out and take it. The greatest glory of the user is to be present in the stalemate of humanity. Be side-by-side to become super gods sweeping all the monsters affecting humankind.

Moonlight Sculptor

List of Moonlight Sculptor Codes

Code is hidden! Get

- Gold x700K, Obsidian x50, Precious Enchant Scroll Chest  x35

Code is hidden! Get

- Gold x200K, Red Butterflies x44, Obsidian x13, Precious Enchant Scroll Chest x23

Code is hidden! Get

- Precious Enchant Scroll Chest  x10, Red Butterflies x38

Code is hidden! Get

- Red Butterflies x62, Gold x966K

How to Redeem Coupon Code

Step 1: Open the Moonlight Sculptor game, and click Options => Settings =>  Coupon.

Step 2: Enter the code from the list and press Confirm to get the reward immediately.

Or you can enter the code right on the developer’s website here.


Moonlight Sculptor Tips

Your mission here is to restore order, hunt monsters, and experience an extremely detective adventure. Moonlight Sculptor is very suitable for young people who love role-playing. Players will be able to choose their characters to develop with them. Use the adventurers’ exclusive skill sets, activate them, and target the monsters swarming around the arena. They will be minor problems blocking the way to the resort.

Moonlight Sculptor Codes

Let’s embark on this immersive novel experience with the publisher’s investment. They wanted to create a complete map of the millimeter. Because of that, players quickly chose a reliable destination. Immerse yourself in the flow of events that the publisher is continuously opening. Players can instantly receive starter gifts to help them get ahead of their opponents. Use the personal control panel to expertly lead the character through the areas specified in the mission.