MODERN WARSHIPS  is sure to appeal to fans of naval battles with a combination of several popular genres. Android players are invited to place several ships on the battlefield, depending on the size of the map, and then conduct a gambling confrontation with enemies online or on the computer.


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About the Game

MODERN WARSHIPS try to beat your opponents in the first arenas. Position frigates and rocket ships, machine gunboats, large cruisers, battleships, and even aircraft carriers, submarines, and many other ships at sea or near the coast. Give orders and monitor enemy movements.


Encircle the enemy

Try to organize different tactical traps, surround the enemy, and use the special abilities of each swimming facility. Spend all the money you earn on unlocking, researching, and upgrading, that’s where the money mod will help you a lot. Attack enemy ships with cannons, torpedoes, and missiles, lay floating mines, and more. Participate in multiplayer battles, win tournaments, win prestigious titles, rare rewards.


Good control

The camera can be zoomed in and out, rotated in different directions, as well as directly control the various maneuvers of any piloted ship. Of course, each ship will have its parameters and abilities and use separate weapons, this will have to be taken into account in battle. Players will be able to demonstrate their admiral abilities in online tournaments, single battles on existing maps, independent selection of arenas, and the number and type of warships.

UpdateSeptember 1, 2022
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