Million Lords: Online Conquest is an MMO game that has been making waves in the market. Appearing in the store is a game of idle space strategy. Users will have access to major cities. Your era will come after the user logs into this game. As a rookie of inactive strategy, I believe you will open a golden age for yourself. The game is aimed at automatic play mechanisms, managing, building, and operating the city; your task is simple: regulate the empire’s industries to help it prosper. Use earned resources to expand territory, invest troops, and upgrade facilities and infrastructure.

Million Lords

Latest of Million Lords Codes

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- Diamonds x776

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- Gold x6122K, Diamond x339

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- Resource x500K, Diamond x1500

How to Redeem Code

Step 1:  Enter the game, click Settings => Gift Code => “Enter promotional code.”

Step 2: Enter the code and press Enter to get the reward.

Million Lords Tips

Everything you aim for is to help your empire grow. You don’t need to focus too much on personal achievements and victories. Instead, users can enjoy the art of play and the fun the playground brings. Users can ally with friends on the same side to form a long, solid wall. Set up defenses and attacks to be ready to declare war on any empire. The enemies are lurking with your vast resources and the country’s treasury. They must all be destroyed instantly; the player must not leave any pathogens behind.

Million Lords: Online Conquest creates a giant dungeon for players to enjoy for themselves. The player himself will have to prove himself glorious enough to achieve the highest achievement. Prove your strength with convincing gameplay, overwhelming your opponents with your intelligence. Remember, this is an application that applies wisdom more than fighting. Users must choose team tactics to establish absolute defense. Defeat the enemy’s thirst for victory with a new force, using generals to direct the army.

Million Lords Codes

Travel to new regions to find the needed resources; these islands often contain great treasures. The enemy’s castle is expanding, and you must stop its expansion. Million Lords: Online Conquest has new features such as guilds, chat, making friends, etc. Many features are aimed at clique exchanges, so they suit extroverted players. You can connect with them through the app’s intermediary features.


Million Lords Codes FAQ

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UpdateApril 21, 2024
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