UpdateOctober 2, 2023
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What will your opinion be when facing the HeroZ & ToyZ: Meta Toy City challenge? A game that simulates the life of primitive warriors. Combined with classic graphics makes the content even richer. Entering the game, users will be immersed in the magical atmosphere. Everywhere is an indescribable flow of energy. They merge and are absorbed by the magicians every day. It seemed that peace would pass in the magical forest. But no one has poisoned the land, making all the beasts angry. They change their attitude and gradually lose control. Things were discovered when some individuals were surrounded by evil. It would be best if you became a hero to clarify the cause and rescue the primeval forest.

Meta Toy City

List of Meta Toy City Codes

Code is hidden! Get

- Some equipment sets, Diamonds x300

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- Gold x7766K, Summon Scroll x10, Diamonds x2000

Code is hidden! Get

- Summon Scroll x40, Diamond x567, Gold x1000K

How to Redeem Code

Step 1: Visit the homepage and enter the gift code at

Step 2: Enter the gift code. Then enter the name and select the server. (Tick the small dot below).

Step 3: Click confirm and receive the reward.

HeroZ & ToyZ Wiki

As a representative, whether prophecy will be fulfilled you, only time will prove whether it is accurate—the journey of living together in the toy city of Meta. Users will experience the feeling of survival and engaging in combat. You have to become the hero and do the system’s task. Join the fun after winning or achieving winning results.

Meta Toy City Codes

Users can share the joy in the guild, and the castle has many users everywhere moving to. This is a good condition for you to make friends and socialize. From there, forming a separate party and entering the magical land together is possible. Use weapons combined with the natural talent of witches. Players need to take their character to a particular location. Then direct them to attack the monsters and return the victory to the team. Remember that the deeper you go into the forest, the more monsters will appear, and their strength will increase.

To complete the mission, the player must know a combination of enhancement and experience. Meeting these two tasks will help you quickly strengthen the hero. From there, without being afraid of significant challenges or storms. Confidently hold the champion, show skills, observe and perform it alone. The stage of HeroZ & ToyZ: Meta Toy City is for the confident enough. And I believe you want to be one of the top kings of this world. Sealing witchcraft restores holiness to witches and dispels evil.

Meta Toy City Codes FAQ

1. How can I level up quickly in HeroZ & ToyZ: Meta Toy City?

To level up quickly in HeroZ & ToyZ: Meta Toy City, focus on completing quests and missions, as they provide a significant amount of experience points. Additionally, participating in multiplayer battles and defeating higher-level opponents can also boost your experience gain. Lastly, make sure to utilize any experience boosters or power-ups available in the game to accelerate your leveling progress.

2. What are the different types of heroes available in HeroZ & ToyZ: Meta Toy City?

HeroZ & ToyZ: Meta Toy City offers a diverse range of heroes with unique abilities and playstyles. The heroes can be broadly categorized into four types:

1. Tanks: These heroes have high hit points (HP) and defense, acting as the frontline protectors. They excel at soaking up damage and drawing aggro from enemies.

2. Damage Dealers: These heroes focus on dealing heavy damage to opponents. They have high attack power and various skills that allow them to quickly eliminate enemies.

3. Support: Support heroes specialize in helping teammates by providing healing, buffs, or debuffing enemies. They play a crucial role in enhancing the team's overall effectiveness.

4. Crowd Control: Crowd control heroes possess skills that can immobilize, stun, or slow down enemies, giving the team a significant advantage in battles by disrupting enemy strategies.

3. How do I obtain rare ToyZ in HeroZ & ToyZ: Meta Toy City?

Obtaining rare ToyZ in HeroZ & ToyZ: Meta Toy City requires a combination of different methods. Here are some ways to acquire rare ToyZ:

1. Gacha System: The game's gacha system allows players to spend in-game currency to obtain random ToyZ. Rare ToyZ have a lower drop rate but can be found within the gacha system.

2. Events and Limited-Time Offers: Participating in special events or limited-time offers may reward players with exclusive ToyZ, some of which can be quite rare. Keep an eye on event notifications to seize these opportunities.

3. Daily Login Rewards: The game often provides daily login rewards, and occasionally, rare ToyZ are included as rewards. Make sure to log in regularly and claim your rewards to increase your chances of obtaining rare ToyZ.

4. In-Game Achievements: Completing certain milestones or achievements in the game can also grant players rare ToyZ as rewards. These achievements often require continuous gameplay and dedication to unlock.

Remember, obtaining rare ToyZ may require persistence and a bit of luck. Keep exploring different avenues within the game and stay updated with new content and events to increase your chances of acquiring these coveted collectibles.