Match Conquer is the most colorful game in the apps we’ve reviewed. Named a masterpiece in the RPG genre, the application’s gameplay stands out the most. The game style is also a leading benchmark for us to give good reviews about it. Returning to today’s article, you will be added with additional information on the sidelines of Match and Conquer. However, it will still help users have good tips and integrate into the game faster. Coming to the latest version has been updated by us on the homepage.

Match Conquer

Match and Conquer Codes List

Code is hidden! Get

- Chicken thighs x50000, Ore x80000, Stone x90000, Gem x200

Code is hidden! Get

- Gem x500, Stone 200000

    Code is hidden! Get

    - Gem x1500, Summon Scroll x10

    How to Redeem Code

    Step 1: Open the Match Conquer game, and click on the Avatar section.

    Step 2: Select Install, click Redeem Code and click OK to get the reward.

    Match Conquer Wiki

    Users can witness a completely different interface right from the first second. Choose the activity you want to get your hands on first. Duplicate activities to find clues to the back story of Mythology. Mysteries are also shrouded in broken ruins. The user’s task is discovering them and bring the secret to light with their detective skills. Match Conquer is a relatively common way of playing requiring users to adjust their hand speed.

    Match Conquer Codes

    It would be best if you continuously brought the same color gems in a 3-row sequence. You can be flexible in different directions, not just in an ordinary straight line. The system will help you identify and put gems in the sheath if it matches the game’s rules. The more detonating rocks, the more time your finishing time is coming. To help users complete the game with the best performance and win. The system has helped users recruit more mythical heroes from around the world. They all gathered in front of the player’s behavior card.

    The game is a chain that allows users across the community to meet more often. Share your own stories or empty confidants. An extremely competitive environment is also when your instincts need to wake up. You can’t let other players take the top spot. Work hard on both tasks and copies to quickly establish a position at the top.