King of Kings KOK – although we are not game makers, we understand their enthusiasm very well. The creators had to spend a lot of time and health to create the finished version. The reason is that they always want their audience to have the best entertainment. Therefore, their efforts can be more than imagined.

King of Kings

List of Codes KOK

Code is hidden! Get

- Using this new code, you will get 1000 diamonds, 500,000 rice, 200,000 wood, 300.00 ore and 300,000 stone

Code is hidden! Get

- With this code, you will immediately receive 2000 diamonds, 1,000,000 resources each for you to produce soldiers

Code is hidden! Get

- Instantly get some legendary heroes along with x20 24h boost for free

How to Redeem Code

Step 1: Open the King of Kings game, and go to Settings (gear icon).

Step 2: Scroll down, and the Redeem Code section will appear, enter the code in the blank and confirm to receive a worthy reward.

King of Kings Codes

About the Game

The game KOK is built in the context of an ancient war between races. When the warriors were still burning with the will to conquer the land. The expansion of the territory made people unable to control themselves, leading to the heavy consequences of starting a great war. A lot of lives have been lost because of some silly reason. End the war with the army of justice you train.

Expand your territory

Joining an alliance will help you speed up your territory expansion. A collective block will help you in difficult situations, such as when you are attacked by surprise. Or in a case where the player’s country is losing resources. Then asking for help by giving gifts, pumping gold, and sharing fuel blocks is essential for maintaining the operating system.

KOK Codes

Many exclusive skills

It would be best if you had yourself a great general of a race. Each warrior will have for themselves an exclusive set of skills. Their hegemonic moves help the fight to speed up many times more than expected, increasing the excitement in holding the army. Courage is a necessary quality in thinking and decisive play.