Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is a game that will change your understanding of the world of show business. Living the life of the main character, you will understand that not everything is as simple and beautiful as it looks from the outside. From the bottom up from the top, you will be busy with some of the usual things: earning a living, career, shopping, and a bunch of other things.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Cheats List

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    Story introduction

    And your story begins in Los Angeles. This is where fate has brought your heroine. Here she met Kim Kardashian and at that moment the fate of the celebrity was in her hands. A local celebrity comes in to buy a dress for another photoshoot and it happens that only you can help her or just pass by, leaving Kim alone with her problems. Your participation in the process caught the star’s attention and now, on her recommendation, you can start your own career in show business.

    Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Cheats

    In many ways, it will be influenced by the countless dialogues that the authors of this android game have generously filled the gameplay with. The development of all subsequent events will largely depend on how your clone of the heroine will be. Your task is to choose the most effective answer.


    During the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood cheats game, you will have to attract the attention of journalists and the public, making new friends and influential friends. Appearance is very important in this communication process. You can buy fashionable clothes in fashion stores, but for this, as in ordinary life, you need money.

    Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Cheat Code

    In this game, they can be obtained by completing different tasks or using a mod to earn a lot of money. In addition to coins, successfully completed missions bring experience points and bonus points. Flirting will become a very important part of your life. A famous boyfriend will help you climb the corporate ladder. Going to parties, festivals, and performances in his company will help you with this. There will be other exciting moments in your Hollywood life.