UpdateSeptember 30, 2023
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Inariel Legend: Dragon Hunt is a game with tactical depth. The application belongs to the publisher segment of HK Hero Entertainment Co., Limited—which promises to bring many exciting stories and conquests for newbies. At the game’s turn, users will be playing the role of magicians. It would be best if you embarked on a journey to recruit young wizards. Build a squad consisting of familiar faces and have many different attributes. It would be best to gather all the members with the correct attribute strength.

Inariel Legend Dragon Hunt

List of Inariel Legend Gift Codes

Code is hidden! Get

- Gold x669K, Diamonds x889

Code is hidden! Get

- Summon Scroll x20, Diamonds x500, Random SR Hero x1

Code is hidden! Get

- Diamonds x5000, Gold x999K

How to Redeem Code

Step 1: Open the game, and click on your character’s Avatar in the left corner of the screen.

Step 2: Scroll down and find the Gift Code section. Enter the code and get the reward.

Inariel Legend Dragon Hunt Tier List

Activate them by creating a squad of 6 positions, each needing its leading champion. This will also be a start for the rookies on their nomadic journey to the Inarel continent. A tense strategic battle gives players the most perfect moments. Here, you can confidently demonstrate your leadership and management talents. Free to play in style but still bound by the rules.

Inariel Legend Dragon Hunt Codes

Users can participate in PVE modes when they have gained enough experience, earning more experience by completing quests. The system will give players missions from basic to complex. The experience must gradually achieve all these targets to sublimate himself. Plowing and relaxation are two elements that the game can bring. In each fight, time will tick when you are ready and stop when the hourglass reaches zero.

Victory will be reserved for one side when on the chessboard, your allies still reach the required number of one. The way to grab the win is simply to focus on strengthening the squad. Arrange the leading generals to attack, and support orders later to increase the effectiveness of the combination. In response to the invitation from the dragons, you must begin this new journey immediately.

Inariel Legend Dragon Hunt Codes FAQ

FAQ 1: How can I unlock new dragons in Inariel Legend: Dragon Hunt codes?


To unlock new dragons in Inariel Legend: Dragon Hunt codes, follow these steps:

1. Progress through the game's levels and complete quests to earn experience points.

2. Use the experience points to level up and unlock new areas within the game.

3. Explore these new areas to encounter and defeat powerful dragons.

4. Once defeated, the dragons will join your collection, allowing you to switch between them and utilize their unique abilities in battle.

FAQ 2: Can I trade or sell dragons with other players in Inariel Legend: Dragon Hunt codes?


Currently, trading or selling dragons with other players is not a feature in Inariel Legend: Dragon Hunt codes.

This means that the dragons you collect in the game are exclusively for your personal use and cannot be transferred to other players.

FAQ 3: How do I increase the power and abilities of my dragons in Inariel Legend: Dragon Hunt codes?


To enhance the power and abilities of your dragons in Inariel Legend: Dragon Hunt codes, follow these steps:

1. Collect resources, such as gold and special items, during gameplay.

2. Use these resources to upgrade your dragons in the Dragon Enhancing menu.

3. Select a dragon you wish to enhance and choose the desired improvement, such as increasing their attack or defense stats.

4. Confirm the upgrade to apply the enhancements to your dragon, boosting its overall power and abilities in battles.