Build your dream school in Idle Magic School, where players can quickly turn their dreams into reality. This free time management and simulation game will bring you new stories. Users can buy themselves genuine schools and become investors in them. A magic school just for you, is this the player’s dream? Let’s make it a reality by directly experiencing the activities here. Expand and build your school from foundation to completion. Throughout this long journey, players will have to face many different difficulties. Uncertainty in obtaining resources will occur regularly, but I believe you can handle this as an intelligent user. Manage spending, save, and earn extra income through daily tasks.

Idle Magic School

Latest Idle Magic School Codes

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- Money x777K, Gold x442K

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- Money x888K

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- Gold x776K

Idle Magic School Tips

This is a beneficial exchange for the players. It would be best if you used your magic to build skyscrapers successfully. Add color to your school because this is a dream, so I know players will be cautious about it. New content combined with fantasy elements will bring you a pleasurable game. Enjoy the moments of being true to yourself at Idle Magic School. It would be best if you unlocked favorable land plots and open more schools, and your capital will be earned from many different jobs. To be the land owner rich in resources, we need to have a lot of money.

The user must use their magic effectively to get large amounts of gold in their pockets. Play entertaining games to give yourself the necessary fuel. In addition to gold coins, you also need other essential resources to level up. Players can summon different spirits, such as magical creatures, mermaids, etc. Many different species of animals exist in this virtual world. As long as the developer’s creativity does not stop, players can make friends with many spirits.

Hang student recruitment signs, expand classrooms, and improve facilities to attract students to come here. As a venture capitalist, you must recruit essential people well. Lead the school to the pinnacle of history, and you will become a bright spot there.


Idle Magic School Codes FAQ

Can I transfer my progress from one device to another using codes in Idle Magic School?

Answer: Unfortunately, there is no feature in Idle Magic School that allows players to transfer progress between devices using codes. Progress is typically tied to the device on which the game is installed.

Are there any special codes that can unlock hidden features or bonuses in Idle Magic School?

Answer: Codes in Idle Magic School are typically used for promotional purposes or to claim rewards from official sources. There are no known codes that unlock hidden features or bonuses in the game.

Do codes in Idle Magic School expire or have a limited time for redemption?

Answer: Yes, codes in Idle Magic School often have expiration dates or limited time frames for redemption. It is important to check the validity of a code before trying to redeem it to ensure that it can still be used to claim rewards.

UpdateApril 16, 2024
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