The not-so-distant future of Hexagod has been occupied by technology. It is the rapid modernization of humanity that has brought with it many formidable consequences. The first is technology overload and its overuse. Along with that are the crazy decisions of the government. Has led to the continuous technology wars. This is the reason that players are here.


Hexagod Codes List

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What is Hexagod?

Life is now only counted on the fingers. Several groups of survivors gathered together to survive. You have a great responsibility in this group. It was a man who commanded his army of survivors. Unify the country with the human resources you have in hand. Maintain life by collecting weapons, food, … every day.

Modern simulation

Integrated with specialized graphics for role-playing games. Hexagod has a very modern simulation atmosphere. This helps users feel more clearly the rhythm of the game. To play well the high thinking game. Then the user has to get used to the actual battle at first. At first, you will still feel new and confused, but after a while, you will be fluent.

Lots of good puzzles

Not to mention the game combines strategic gameplay. Plus activities to increase excitement for gamers. Puzzles are a stepping stone that players must get used to if they want to go to victory. Master the clever game of answering in the blanks. A strategic chess board for users to unleash. Show off your personal talent now.

UpdateNovember 12, 2022
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