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UpdateFebruary 28, 2024
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Hero Wars is an adventure RPG where you need to assemble a team of brave warriors and clear the land of Dominion from the forces of darkness. Would you like to receive these meaningful gifts? Or let’s scroll down.

Hero Wars

Redeem Codes

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What are Hero Wars?

Players are invited to assemble a team of unique heroes and then battle the army of darkness, traveling through the lands of a fictional universe. The character fights with the enemy on his own, the player only needs to use a number of skills available in time and choose the target to attack from the beginning.

Hero Wars

Victories yield experience points and gold, which are used to buy new heroes, increase their abilities, and learn additional skills. In addition to fighting against the army of darkness, you can clash with your friends in PvP mode.

Hero Wars Codes FAQ


Can Alliance codes be used to unlock exclusive hero skins and items?

Yes, Alliance codes can be used to unlock exclusive hero skins and items. These codes are often distributed as part of special promotions or events, and can provide players with unique in-game rewards.


How can I obtain Alliance codes for Hero Wars?

Alliance codes for Hero Wars can be obtained through various means, including participating in official community events, following the game's social media channels, and joining alliances with active and generous members who may share codes with their fellow players.


Are there any restrictions on using Alliance codes in Hero Wars?

While Alliance codes are a great way to unlock exclusive rewards in Hero Wars, it's important to note that each code may have its own restrictions and expiration dates. It's crucial to use them within the specified time frame and to adhere to any specific terms and conditions associated with each code.