Guardian: COC is an application that has fixed the best moment in the experience of many gamers. The application is like a new beginning for all entertainment community members. Maybe you do not know, but the application is a bright hand invested and developed by ERIC DANIEL ANDERSON. From the initial creation to rebuilding the perfect playground for gamers. Everything has to go through this talented creator for you to have an exciting game.

Guardian COC

List of Guardian COC Codes

Code is hidden! Get

- Diamonds x999, Gold x4000K

Code is hidden! Get

- Diamonds x1200

    Code is hidden! Get

    - Gold x330K, Diamonds x340

    How to redeem code

    Step 1: Open the Guardian COC game, click Avatar => Redeem code.

    Step 2: Enter the gift code and click OK. The reward will be sent to your mailbox.

    Guardian COC Wiki

    To welcome users to the new island where gamers can freely explore everything. You will experience a magical journey of adventure from beginner to professional. In addition to playing Guardian: Covenant of Creation to research and scout, ….you can also become high-level dragon tamers. Take the lead of dozens of different large and small dragons. Their color is representative of the attribute it is holding.

    Guardian COC Codes

    Evolve these beasts by applying fuel directly to them. Enhancement materials can be found in the copies or quests you receive. Every time the player completes the rules correctly, the player will be transferred directly to the backpack. You can receive and check as soon as you claim, use them effectively or choose to split them into batches. Each successful Guardian COC upgrade also requires more fuel the next time. Compared to level 1 beastmen, you will be many times stronger than them. Thanks to the successful enhancements, the user quickly stood at the top of the power.

    In addition to taking care of the beast master, you can choose to recruit heroes to support the fight. You can summon your heroes and combine your weapons to manipulate the arena quickly. Each island area will represent an equivalent arena, where there will be monsters that master the terrain. You need to collect the dropped diamonds rapidly to win this challenging goal. To directly serve the enhancement of Armor, Attack Attributes,…From there, you can hunt monsters as soon as turning your hand.