UpdateFebruary 28, 2024
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GODZILLA BATTLE LINE is a game adapted from the famous movie Godzilla. If users are passionate about science fiction movies, they cannot miss this blockbuster movie. It can be seen that most of the members of the playground come from film enthusiast associations. They always want to experience the feeling of becoming a powerful super beast. The beast’s roar makes them crazy. Are you ready to become a fantastic beast? If so, you must fill in the blank information before joining the playground—a new world of iconic faces of characters from major movies.



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- Gold X723k, Diamonds x200

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- Diamonds x777

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- Gold x422k


You will encounter monsters in many different episodes in the entertainment world. Players can also unlock them with resources earned after each devastating battle. Your way of playing is directly controlling the monster to enter the city and collect gold coins. Activate attack power when encountering an object that wants to harm the monster’s body. Chariots and planes will be sent continuously to hinder you. You must be more proactive if faced with a disadvantageous situation for the player. Build a mighty army of monsters from many different species.

A squad of monsters is set up to gain the upper hand over the enemy. The user must confront other demons in the new world. GODZILLA BATTLE LINE will open maps for you to play or unlock maps with the money you have. Based on the amount of money earned after each intense battle, users can open high-level super beasts. Furthermore, you also have the opportunity to synthesize your forces by enhancing them. By upgrading their number of stars, players can improve the fighting attributes of monsters by leveling up.


Each monster will have a completely separate amount of health and attack stats. Therefore, when they are strengthened, the outbreak is exceptionally terrible. Win against bloodthirsty monsters. Control your monsters straight into the heart of the battle. Your superior fighting skills will be the knife to finish them off as soon as possible. In recent times, players can further expand their monster collection. Recruit more evil aces to join your new squad, opening a new period of sublimation. Are you ready to fight and win the most glorious victory? Prove the strength you have.


How can I acquire rare cards in GODZILLA BATTLE LINE?

Rare cards in GODZILLA BATTLE LINE can be acquired through various methods, including completing specific in-game challenges, participating in special events, and purchasing premium card packs with in-game currency or real money. Keep an eye out for limited-time promotions and offers to increase your chances of obtaining rare cards.

Are there any expiration dates for GODZILLA BATTLE LINE codes?

GODZILLA BATTLE LINE codes may have expiration dates, which are typically determined by the developers and are often communicated through official channels such as social media, the game's website, or promotional materials. It's important to redeem codes promptly to ensure they are still valid and can be used to claim rewards or items in the game.

Can I share or trade GODZILLA BATTLE LINE codes with other players?

Sharing or trading GODZILLA BATTLE LINE codes with other players is not recommended, as codes are typically intended for single use and are tied to specific accounts. Additionally, sharing codes publicly may violate the game's terms of service and could result in penalties for both the sharer and the recipient. It's best to use codes as intended and avoid any potential issues related to code sharing or trading.