A few minutes ago when Galaxy Explorers was officially docked at CodesLL. The game marked one more achievement to prove its worthy position. The amount of traffic reached unexpected numbers, along with a series of events opened. To welcome the arrival of a series of new super rookies.

Galaxy Explorers

All Galaxy Explorers Gift Codes

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- Gems x700, Energy x100

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- Energy x400, Gems x1500

    What is Galaxy Explorers?

    This colorful fantasy world is waiting for you to explore and survive. Put yourself in a situation where life depends on your ability, you have to make a living. Perform the system’s tasks, follow the instructions to be able to complete the assigned schedule. Galaxy Explorers will help gamers get closer to their perfect version.

    Galaxy Explorers Codes

    Train quality warriors

    You will become astronauts who are carrying out missions for the whole country. All life is now in your hands. Every decision you make directly affects the survival of many other individuals. As a commander we recommend players to train the best troops. Equipping them with state-of-the-art equipment is subsidized.

    Accumulation regenerates everything

    As long as you log in every day, you will receive support accessories. Without losing a single coin, players can still accumulate quite a few items. Learn how to take advantage of them in copies, use them flexibly to increase the efficiency of the device. Find the missing pieces of the train, repair and recreate the face of the spaceship. Build a farm on the planet you live on to be able to survive for a long time.