Frontier Justice is an exciting game where the user will need to try his hand at the life of a bounty hunter in the western wilds. In addition to you, there will be other characters, each of which is not like you. There is a sheriff who keeps order, criminals, cowboys, and capitalists. Can cooperate with them or be hostile. It depends on the style of the game. The construction tab will help you create a genuinely wild city in western style, with restaurants, stables, and other buildings.

Frontier Justice

List of Activation Codes

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- Using this code, you will immediately have a reasonably large amount of gold after using

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- This is [male] code of the year with a secret and exclusive gamer reward

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- You will receive some small beginner gifts with this code. The quantity is only 2000 codes

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- A small code long ago but may have expired. You can try your luck

How to Redeem Code

Step 1: Immediately open Frontier Justice and tap on your in-game avatar.

Step 2: Next, tap on the gear icon at the bottom right and click the “Activation Code” button.

Step 3: Enter the gift code in the blank box “Enter redemption code” => “OK” to redeem the gift.

Frontier Justice Codes

What is Frontier Justice?

Go to the Wild West and act as a bounty hunter, killing crime after crime. In addition to shooting and catching criminals, you need to build structures, improve them and constantly upgrade the main characters’ habitat. Engage in duels and win hunt wild animals, breed horses, and participate in local gang wars. Do everything to restore peace to a small town.

Taming wild horses

In addition to the ability to explore the desert and jungle during the day and stop at night. The change of seasons will also bring surprises for the character. Get ready to be tested. Alternatively, you can tame wild horses, improve their performance and fill your barn with purebreds. Hunting is also an integral part of Frontier Justice.

Frontier Justice Coupon Codes

Legendary Item

Wolves, crocodiles, eagles, and bears are found here, from which you can get rare items and in-game currency. The weapons here are also the most diverse, from simple revolvers to machine guns and shotguns and sniper rifles. By upgrading them, you can boost them to legendary level items with simply amazing lethality, being able even to kill a bear without much effort. Coins are also awarded for completing missions to track and arrest criminals and are sometimes removed as proof of a completed assignment.

Speed ​​training

When playing for money with cards or slot machines, currency increases can also occur in the salon. All problems with residents are solved in one way – a duel. Train your accuracy and speed to kill and not get killed. Upgrade weapons and equipment for faster reflexes when hunting or dueling. With a mod with big money, you can immediately buy skins higher than the original class, which will help you upgrade it to higher levels in the future. Buildings can also be upgraded with in-game currency and resources purchased with it.