Officially launched many Elemental Titans:3D Idle Arena codes at CodesLL. Super RPG combined with strategy is the product that we want to promote. Many factors often judge a good game. And this game itself is the same when it has been through our selection. You can experience it directly to see if you agree with your personal opinion.

Elemental Titans

List of Codes

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- Use code. you will get 200k gold and 10 summon scrolls

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- Get 10000 gold and 10000 champion experience, 10 purple champion shards

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    - This is the latest code of the game, just added today with a reward of 5999 diamonds and 500,000 coins

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    - Get the scrolls X10. Please redeem it before June 17, 2022

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    - Get 5 SR level heroes and 1 Legendary SSR hero randomly

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    - Use the code you will receive 3400 diamonds and 200,000 coins and some items

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    - This is a VIP code with 100 free summoning reels that will be given exclusively to you

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    - Get 30 summon scrolls plus 1 SSR level hero

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    - Using this code, you will instantly get 20 summon scrolls and 300,000 experience to level up your heroes

    How to Redeem Code

    Step 1: Open the game “Elemental Titans 3D Idle Arena”. Next, click on the “Profile/Avatar” icon on your phone screen.

    Step 2: Go to the “Settings” section, and the “Insert code” button will appear. You will enter our valid gift code in the “Please insert code” section.

    Step 3: Finally, click the “Confirm” button, and the reward will be proper in your bag.

    Elemental Titans Codes

    What are Elemental Titans?

    Download now to your mobile device by clicking the link—no need to worry about the hassle during the download process. Just press the operation once, and the game will automatically download. This initiative will help players find more knowledge. As well as being able to do side activities before starting to play. Choose a personal name and officially begin this journey.

    Content with many mutant elements

    Each of our information is derived from experience. So you can refer directly here to save time. Summarize the full advantages of the game here. First, let’s talk about compelling content with a rich imagination. Next is the strategic play and mindset that awakens the quality of the leader in you.

    New versions are constantly updated.

    And yet the game also has beautiful maps and backgrounds—enough power to attract the most demanding players. The request is as high as you can. Just put it in the comment section. The creator will collect and update all information in the new version. Finally, congratulations to the players for having the most fun and wonderful time.