Elemental Dungeon will delight fans of classic role-playing projects in a retro style. The user can choose one of several characters, each with its parameters and characteristics, which can use melee or ranged weapons, spells, and unique techniques. The toy is taken care of to the smallest detail, offering a sea of ​​adventurers in multi-level dungeons, several development routes of the same hero, exciting achievements, quests, and relic item sets.

Elemental Dungeon

List of Codes

Code is hidden! Get

- Unlock three random characters after using this code. The legend rate is relatively high

Code is hidden! Get

- Limited gift with 4000 gems

    How to Redeem Code

    Changing the above gift codes into gifts is very easy. You just need to follow a few simple steps below. When completed, they will become gifts in your inventory.

    Step 1: Log in to the game. Once loaded on the main screen, select the Event item.

    Step 2: In the new menu that opens, select the Gift code item.Step 3: To avoid mistakes, copy-paste the above codes into the empty box and press the button to receive rewards.

    About the Game

    The vast universe Elemental Dungeon tries to advance in development and storyline with one of the suggested heroes. Go down to the crypt or dungeon and complete the assigned quest like clearing the area or finding the missing person, getting a particular quest item, killing the boss monster, combining runes, etc. Chop enemies with swords and axes, throw daggers and shoot arrows, and use battle magic to attack evil spirits with fire, poison, and lightning. Collect loot, among which will be gold and various clothes, sell the rest in neighboring villages and use the proceeds to buy necessary weapons and potions, amulets and rings, helmets, and boots.

    Elemental Dungeon Codes

    Don’t forget about the monetization mod. Everything is open. The hero can be dressed in the most amazing costumes and go to absolutely any location, secret areas, additional branches, etc. Naturally, when you complete some quests, access to other investigations opens. There will be a sea of ​​bosses, many fearsome creatures and epic monsters, unique swords, magic wands, cloaks, rings, and amulets.